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  • Weeee new internet speeeeeed

    well after a month of headaches and almost going postal with AT&T, I finally have my upgraded speed and service in place… you should see a huge improvment in the speed of the site, and more reliability… weeeee

  • trippy

    gets stuck in your head… but still trippy

  • Finals are OVER !!!!

    Well finals are over for another semester. Couldn’t be soon enough… A good couple of weeks to not have to worry about tests or projects.

    I got the new water pump on the mustang and now just to put the fan and alternator back on. Two body panels and two wire harnesses left, then it is up to Ben to get it painted.

  • neat animation

    Cute video, nice take on sleigh ride.. pretty good animation

    Relient K – Sleigh Ride from gotee on Vimeo.

  • wooo less spam for a while

    A Washington Post article got ISP’s to take notice and get a colo facility cut off from the world and immediately anti-spam vendors Iron Port (IronMail) and spamcop saw almost 75% decline in the number of messages sent….