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  • SOCI paper

    Chapter 3 Homework Question #2
    This question gave me the idea of asking females the following question; Why in the women subculture, do you feel the need to usually go in groups of two or more to any one location? I asked this question to approx. six females, including my girlfriend and members of a message board that I frequent. I got several different answers; some were obvious while others were against the norm. I chose this topic because as a guy, I often wonder about the premise behind this practice among the subculture of women in general. In the process I did notice that it crosses multiple subcultures, and age groups so I can only apply it to females in general as a subculture. Read the rest of this entry »

  • Monday…. gotta love it

    yea… its monday… hard to get out of bed… legs not wanting to move…. yea its monday…. but hey… once my legs decide to wake up, I get to go to class woooo right now they are on autopilot, so at least I can do some work… I’m thinking hot dogs for lunch when I get home…. mmmmmmmm then the go to the YMCA to workout, then dinner, then homework, then class…. yay

  • Wow it has been a while

    Ok ok I know… I haven’t posted in over a month… but if you are reading this, I’m surprised you still remember who I am… with work and now school starting again, I have no life anymore… once work cools down a bit (there are always surges in work when summer is over and kids go back to school) I will have some time to study and write… I might even try to write more since I am sure this semester will be interesting… Apparently I have already pissed off the sociology teacher by thinking outside of her box… and the problem is the class was thinking the same as our group was…not like my group was a huge help anyway… they just sat in the back with nothing to help me out with… it sucks being the last group to present… oh well…

    In other news I recieved a Xbox 360 elite from my grandparents last week, borrowed a couple games from friends, and had at it… I did purchase fable though since it was 20 bucks… and I got the 100 dollar rebate/giftcard for my phone so that might go towards guitar hero 3 or something… not sure yet. we will see… also a week from now I will see how much my new paycheck is worth… hooray for promotions and raises at the same time…