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  • 11 Years ago…

    Posted on September 11th, 2012 Netboy No comments

    I remember being in Computer repair 3 as a junior. The internet was still in its infancy. No facebook, no streaming video, no camera phone videos…

    Our parents always remembered where they were when JFK was shot. My generation remembers where we were when the towers fell.

    Some years ago, the Blue Man Group came through Georgia on their “How to be a Mega Star” tour. One of the last songs of the night, was Exhibit 13. It had a simple video to go along with it, and if you could imagine s stage where all you could see is the 3 men. As the song ends, each of the three instruments goes quiet, and the light on that blue man goes dark.

    Blue Man Group released the video that went along with the music last year on YouTube. I’ve always played the song on this day since I heard it. It is on their album named “The Complex”. Below is the video

  • Man it has been a while…. again….

    Posted on January 30th, 2012 Netboy No comments

    So it has been a couple months… or almost 10…

    I guess work and life will do that to you when you have 6 weddings that you have to attend, and weekends seem to never stop being full with something…

    but I digress…

    unfortunately I lost one of my main sites this month, just as I was about to get some new hardware and start virtualizing. Needless to say that project will get pushed back some, until I can gather the rest of the funds.

    In the mean time, I may try to see what I can do on a makeshift server and start creating the virtualised environment and redo existing to swap them to V-hosts… thats something I will have to test and see…

    At work we are starting the push to virtualize so I’m about to get a good amount of training and work with it.

    Hopefully I can take more time to write my thoughts in the coming months. So until then…

  • No A/C is miserable

    Posted on April 11th, 2011 Netboy No comments

    It is the American dream to own a home they tell us. Others somehow think it is a right. (pretty sure that’s not in the constitution) But the one thing that home ownership does is make you realize that things break. Like air conditioner units. God will provide, but sometimes it is hard to bear.

  • netboy34.com now reachable via IPv6

    Posted on March 9th, 2011 Netboy No comments

    For those already running tunnels or dual stack, netboy34.com is handing out AAAA records and is accessable via IPv6

  • buhahhahahaha

    Posted on December 14th, 2010 Netboy No comments