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  • Car Stereo Goodness

    I have created a new page to show the progress and step by step guide on how to upgrade a Ford Fusion Stereo. So far I have only installed the rear door speakers, but the headunit shipped today so I will be doing that very soon. I am also doing Kristie’s stereo (shes getting one with built in Nav) in her Edge. so I’m sure I will take some pics of that as well.

    In other news, the area was hit with tornadoes last weekend, luckily I came through unscathed. Atlanta on the other hand saw an EF-2 Tornado downtown. Thank the Lord no one was killed. Some of the video from security cameras is amazing. To date there is only one photo that caught the tornado. Here No its not the cloud in the middle, thats actually part of the wall cloud. If you look to the left of it right by lit spike of the Bank of America building, you can faintly see the tornado itself. The weather channel has a bigger image Here and includes a slide show

    Tomorrow (3/19/08) another round of storms are supposed to come through, so wish us luck!