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  • What a Ride! Sitting on the dock at the bay watching my car float away.

    Yes, It has been a long while… Many things have happened since the last post. School screwed me over by not overriding the class that I needed to graduate cause it is full. On top of that, they are no longer accepting another class as a sub, so now I have to take TWO major electives. YAY ME! So next semester is the magic time of graduation.

    After all that, a good portion of the county got flooded, including parts of my neighborhood. Fortunately we suffered no damage and could get places, but half of the neighborhood was stranded, and some of the fields and trails were destroyed.

    Work is still work, and I’m still running around with my head cut off. Shouldn’t it have settled down by now? sheesh…

  • Ah… the first day of school…

    Is a nightmare… well not exactly, but when you have to take care of elementary schools, and the parents can’t let little Billy ride the bus, it gets pretty annoying. I know it is a special day and all, but at least let your kid ride the bus to school. It is your tax dollars going to waste if you don’t. I love that the district decided to cut a number of stops, and parents complained that their kid will have to walk further. Maybe if you used it to begin with, the county wouldn’t have to cut stops.

    In other news, my university decided to screw me over again by deciding not to offer this one class anymore. One of the two I needed to graduate. At least they let me sub in an elective (Yay web development I) but still a pain. One day I will graduate… one day

  • Finals… again…

    well summer classes are coming to a close, and that means finals once again… even though it is only two classes I don’t like have 4 projects due… you would think in summer they would drop one of them since you have half the time to work on it… but alas I guess they don’t care… whats worse is that some of the projects are so vague that you don’t even know what it is supposed to look like… oh well… after this week I can actually sleep again… weee