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  • Finals are OVER !!!!

    Well finals are over for another semester. Couldn’t be soon enough… A good couple of weeks to not have to worry about tests or projects.

    I got the new water pump on the mustang and now just to put the fan and alternator back on. Two body panels and two wire harnesses left, then it is up to Ben to get it painted.

  • Finals… again…

    well summer classes are coming to a close, and that means finals once again… even though it is only two classes I don’t like have 4 projects due… you would think in summer they would drop one of them since you have half the time to work on it… but alas I guess they don’t care… whats worse is that some of the projects are so vague that you don’t even know what it is supposed to look like… oh well… after this week I can actually sleep again… weee