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  • Long time no post

    Man has it been busy. Changed to a new position at work, finished school, been dealing with insurance stuff with the house, and just general busyness of life.

    To start off, I am finally graduated. Woo!! Bachelors in Information Security and Assurance.

    Mid summer I changed from a field Job to a central office job. I don’t travel as much and it is closer to home. It is also a different ladder. I was pretty much at the top for where I was at and the new job is at the bottom of their scale. This five me an opportunity to advance again.

    A month or so ago a storm came through and messed the house up a bit. The reconstruction is halfway done, just some tile work in the bathroom, wall work in the dining room, some insulation replacement in the basement, a new roof, and siding work to fix what the cause of this whole mess was.

    Well that’s all for now. Till next time.