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  • Why not to buy a cheap Power supply

    found a good article.. forget how though… on why a good PSU is key

  • yay for busy weeks

    well this week will be udderly annoying… I have over a hundred printers coming on friday at work, and I have to help other team members this week as well… it will literally be work, school, sleep, repeat… no time in between…. I have a paper, and a test this week too… ugh…

  • interesting…..

    Just shows how messed up congress is when it comes to the budget

  • sigh

    Well its monday… and remember my to-do list… yea…. pull-a-part was the only thing I got done… and even then they didn’t have any T5 transmissions…. sigh… it was a pretty fruitless weekend… but I did get to go to the new Target… is it that bad that a Target grand opening is the highlight of my weekend?

  • yay for long classes

    So I’m sitting here in class trying to stay away at 9PM since I had a very long and tedious day at work… I had to leave early so I wouldn’t say not so nice things… maybe tomorrow will be better…. It will be friday… I hope a good friday…. please be a good friday

    To do list:
    Go to pull-a-part for a T5 mustang transmission
    do homework
    clean room and office
    get a trickle charger for the mustang…