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  • finals

    well… with school coming to an end that means one thing…. finals… thus all my time is taken studing… but after Wed my life will be open again somewhat and I can look into what needs to be recovered… weee

  • Prayers and Thoughts

    I send my prayers and thoughts to the students and families of the Virginia Tech shootings… It is horrible what has happened and as a college student, just know the police did all they could to protect you. He was a sick individual, that was a student, and even if there was a lockdown, he probably still would have gotten around and possibly killed even more people. Stay strong, and may the Lord be with you to confort you. Everything happens for a reason, even though we don’t know what that reason is.

  • ugh

    database server took a hit… mostlikely RIP… trying to do a file system check but looks like drive may be deader than a doornail