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  • weee mustang work

    well, the front disk brake conversion kit came in… only a couple issues… one parts bag was missing… so I can’t mount the new master cylinder, and one of the brake pad clib bolts sheered off when it was being screwed in… other than that it was pretty straight forward.

    I also took the alternator off and took it to go have tested… found out that it was actually taking up energy instead of producing energy… might be why the battery keeps going dead… so got a new one and now just waiting on a new harness since the other basically fell apart on me when I took it off…

    the next big project will be some engine tuning, some more wire harness work, and some bulb socket replacements along with the harnesses… hopefully I will have all this done in time for the wedding…

  • Name Change

    Well I figured I’m more of a geek than a nerd… so I changed the blog name to Tales from a geek… I will still rant from time to time… but that time is becoming less and less… I’ve lost close to 30 pounds over the summer and started to work out more to keep it off and loose some more… Also trying to build up some muscle too… Anywho my next big project is converting the brakes on the mustang… they are ordered and FedEx has them on a truck… should be here Thursday or Friday… I have a friend coming over tonight to help take off the old drum brakes so he can refurb the spindles and knuckles at his shop… I would drive it over there, but the whole no stopping thing is why I’m redoing it… Wish us luck!