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  • The joys of in-laws

    Well the father in law came to roost for a while since he can’t afford to live by himself. He isn’t a terrible person, but is sloppy and not the most hygienic. Let’s just say he has a person to person contact job and I would not shake his hand if I knew his hygiene habits. Coming from a very hygienic background, it is hard for me to know that I have to clean up after him almost every day. It will be an adventure for sure

  • Fun with Insurance

    Insurance is as annoying as is being a Godsend. Two months ago Kristie and I came home to a shutter on the front of the house hanging horizontal instead of vertical. Upon closer inspection, the side of the house looked odd. Getting a flash light, the siding itself was bowed and had some nails popping out almost completely. Not thinking much of it, I figured I would call sometime that week to have it looked at. The next morning I noticed that the wall in the shower that shares the wall with the outside seemed a bit closer than normal. That next day I called Liberty Mutual.
    Apparently we weren’t the only ones in the area as it took a week and a half to get an inspector out, the another week for the check then we had to get the water mitigation team out there to dry out the bathroom wall. Little did I know that the water was also in the dinning room ceiling and wall as well as the basement on that side.
    After the walls were dry, work was a bit delayed because of schedules and weather. But is almost complete. I hope to have pictures up soon of everything.