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    Posted on August 27th, 2007 Netboy No comments

    Chapter 3 Homework Question #2
    This question gave me the idea of asking females the following question; Why in the women subculture, do you feel the need to usually go in groups of two or more to any one location? I asked this question to approx. six females, including my girlfriend and members of a message board that I frequent. I got several different answers; some were obvious while others were against the norm. I chose this topic because as a guy, I often wonder about the premise behind this practice among the subculture of women in general. In the process I did notice that it crosses multiple subcultures, and age groups so I can only apply it to females in general as a subculture.
    The interviews started out with my girlfriend asking that basic question. I got the response I was expecting. That response was to gossip. However, continuing on the discussion, more was revealed to me as other reasons include safety, even in a controlled environment like a restaurant, advice on the current situation that may be taking place, help with hair, makeup etc., and even just because they had to go to the bathroom at the same time.
    At this point I wasn’t satisfied with the information as I felt there should be more. As a male it still confused me as to why this practice is needed. So I felt that asking a couple more females from different walks of life would be in order. I went to a message board that I frequent, knowing there are a number of females in chat any given night.
    Posing the same question to the females in the chat room, I got some interesting responses and even started to put answers by age bracket and even when behaviors changed. It was very interesting to see how life experience and age played a role in the behavior of the subculture. In the chat I asked for a general consensus as I felt that if they acted as a group in society, why would a chat room be any different? Theoretically this would only confirm what was said before. In some of the answers I received, my preconceived thoughts were wrong.
    Upon questioning the group, half said they did not participate in the practice anymore. This prompted me to take age into consideration when taking the answers. They, however, did at an earlier age and eventually grew out of it, or it was not needed anymore. Some of the respondents felt that as they grew older, the need was less and less as they didn’t care for gossip or safety. They felt that they could hold their own if a situation should arise.
    The other half of the group that still participates in this practice, did so feeling that help is always needed, no mater how trivial. Even if I was just to “let the guys talk.” They also mentioned the same practices as the other members of gossip, advice, or help with personal hygiene or makeup.
    After reading and listening to the answers to this question, I found that my confusion over the subject was misplaced. Some males feel this is an odd behavior, but in reality it is more about friendship, communication, and the sense of security. I feel that after this interview, I have seen the true reasoning behind this practice among the women subculture.

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