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  • wow its been a while… (news and rants)

    Posted on November 29th, 2007 Netboy No comments

    well lets start off with news…

    Semester is almost over, exams are next week and then I have 4 weeks of relaxation from school I’m off work for a couple weeks for Christmas break.

    K bought a new car (Yay for her!) so she isn’t rolling around in a car that was made from spare parts… Now her mom has it.

    I bought a very expensive item for a person (I’ll let you figure that one out)

    mmmm new TV and HDTV to go with it… yay for Early Christmas presents for the family… and now something I can hook my Xbox 360 to and actually see the game I’m playing. Haven’t played Halo 3 yet because of school work, but I hope to play once my last exam is over…

    and now for some rants…

    I’ve said it before but I will say it again… LEARN HOW TO DRIVE IN A PARKING DECK!!!! if there are no spaces just keep going up or down… don’t follow someone walking to their car at .5 miles per hour sheesh

    When you are teaching a college course, please do not try to push your agendas on the students… most of us already know what we stand for…

    so thats what is on my mind right now… maybe some more later

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