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  • This is a governor that has it right….

    Posted on December 2nd, 2010 Netboy No comments


    this is the best response to teacher unions I’ve seen… there are too many unions out there that are “for the [insert warm/fuzzy group here] but in reality and just filling their own wallets, and not even teh wallets of the members, only those in charge of it…

  • Life: Thou art a pain sometimes

    Posted on November 4th, 2010 Netboy No comments

    Sometimes life can be a pain. I am reminded daily how some people should not be trusted, and others should be watched like a hawk, and some both. I pray all the time that I might be able to be more trusting and I would consider myself a trustful person but life seems to love to prove me wrong and remind me why I shouldn’t be as trustworthy as I am. It sucks sometimes, but that is life I suppose.

    In other news, the house is done with the repair work and looks good as new. The new roof looks great, shower looks awesome, and the siding is now properly installed. Glad that is over with.

    Until next time

  • The joys of in-laws

    Posted on October 18th, 2010 Netboy No comments

    Well the father in law came to roost for a while since he can’t afford to live by himself. He isn’t a terrible person, but is sloppy and not the most hygienic. Let’s just say he has a person to person contact job and I would not shake his hand if I knew his hygiene habits. Coming from a very hygienic background, it is hard for me to know that I have to clean up after him almost every day. It will be an adventure for sure

  • Fun with Insurance

    Posted on October 1st, 2010 Netboy No comments

    Insurance is as annoying as is being a Godsend. Two months ago Kristie and I came home to a shutter on the front of the house hanging horizontal instead of vertical. Upon closer inspection, the side of the house looked odd. Getting a flash light, the siding itself was bowed and had some nails popping out almost completely. Not thinking much of it, I figured I would call sometime that week to have it looked at. The next morning I noticed that the wall in the shower that shares the wall with the outside seemed a bit closer than normal. That next day I called Liberty Mutual.
    Apparently we weren’t the only ones in the area as it took a week and a half to get an inspector out, the another week for the check then we had to get the water mitigation team out there to dry out the bathroom wall. Little did I know that the water was also in the dinning room ceiling and wall as well as the basement on that side.
    After the walls were dry, work was a bit delayed because of schedules and weather. But is almost complete. I hope to have pictures up soon of everything.

  • Long time no post

    Posted on September 18th, 2010 Netboy No comments

    Man has it been busy. Changed to a new position at work, finished school, been dealing with insurance stuff with the house, and just general busyness of life.

    To start off, I am finally graduated. Woo!! Bachelors in Information Security and Assurance.

    Mid summer I changed from a field Job to a central office job. I don’t travel as much and it is closer to home. It is also a different ladder. I was pretty much at the top for where I was at and the new job is at the bottom of their scale. This five me an opportunity to advance again.

    A month or so ago a storm came through and messed the house up a bit. The reconstruction is halfway done, just some tile work in the bathroom, wall work in the dining room, some insulation replacement in the basement, a new roof, and siding work to fix what the cause of this whole mess was.

    Well that’s all for now. Till next time.